Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This is a short story I wrote for the Diwali issue.

Reva smiled a “secret” smile. The “mean girls” won't know what hit them.
She knocked politely on the door. The knock was drowned in the sound of laughter and giggles coming from inside the room. Someone cried out, “Shalu...you are priceless. What happened next?”
Reva knocked again. More giggles. Reva knocked a little loudly for the third time.
This time someone said, “Someone at the door, do you think?”
You sure...I didn't hear anything,” said Shweta.
Must be that pesky sister of yours,” someone added as Shweta got up from the bed to unbolt the door.
But before she could pull back the bolt, there was an earth-shattering RATATATATTAT for three times in a row.
Shweta jumped back in fright, while her friends screamed, “REVA...WHAT THE HELL?”
Reva giggled quietly and knocked on the door again.
The door opened and ignoring Shweta's and her friends murderous looks, Reva walked into the room like a cool cat.
Nice earrings, Amrita di,” Reva called out as she went to her table.
What do you want, Reva?” Shweta asked. “We are busy completing our project here.”
Oh Di...I also have to complete a project on History. On Harrappan valley civilisation. Will you help me please?” Reva pleaded.
Not now..Reva. We have to finish our group project,” said Sheweta.
Before Reva could reply, Kajal di butted in, “Reva...you need to polish those grey cells a bit. And, hurry up with those books.”
Reva smiled sweetly, “Thanks Kajal di. I will be out in a minute.”
She started rummaging through her books, pens and pencils while others looked at Reva
and then at each other.
Like all younger sisters, Reva was a tag-along-kind. Always wanting to follow around, listen in her elder sister's talk with her friends and then spilling out the information innocently at the dining table. No wonder Shweta and her friends wanted to wring her neck.
Just like Reva to interrupt us,” Shalu murmured.
She was itching to complete the latest goss about the cool dude in college, but knowing Reva's loose tongue, hugged the secret to herself.
Reva knew that there was something on...she could feel the suppressed excitement, so she settled comfortably on the bed, stacking books and chart papers, searching for markers and pencils.
The girls looked at Shweta with raised eye-brows.
Reva...why don't you go in Dad's study? We have already begun on our project here. I will help carry your books and charts,” Shweta said.
Oh Di! Thanks so much. Here are the books,” she pushed the pile into Shweta's hands.
There was a collective sigh of relief when Reva went out of the room.
Shweta came back quickly and securely locked the door.
Ah...Shalu...begin,” she said.
Soon they were giggling as before. When the giggles lessened, they heard a knock on the door.
Who is this?” cried out irritaed Shweta.
Di...it's me. I am sorry, but...” the door opened and Reva entered the room with downcast eyes.
Shweta Di... I seem to have misplaced my red marker. Can I borrow yours, pleeeeeeeeease?” she continued with downcast eyes.
Kajal grabbed markers – in red, green, black and orange colours – and thrust them in Reva's hands, “Off with you now Reva.”
Reva took the pens and when she reached the door, turned around with a jaunty smile and said, “Blue nail paint doesn't go with the red blouse Kajal Di. How come you are wearing flats Kajal Di? You are not going out with Rohit Da today?”
Kajal rushed at Reva with “You....eavesdropping kid. Wait and I will show you.” But Reva had already sped away to the safety of her study.
Kajal turned to Shweta, “She is a wretch. Do something about her.”
Reva, meanwhile, was falling from the bed with an awful stitch in her sides.
After sometime she heard sound of the girls clearing away their drawing boards etc.
Reva hung around the door till she heard Shalu say, “Kajal...will Geetu be there at your place?”
That's all that Reva wanted to hear.
She sped away to the telephone connection in her parents bedroom.
Geetu...it's me,” she squealed into the phone. “It's your chance for revenge. All the Best.”

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