Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New home for the arts

Gyaan Adab, the newest literary space in the city. A report

Does Pune, a thriving place when it comes to literary meets, dance and music performances, really need another centre which is going to bring all the arts under one roof? Well, Gyaan Adab, the newest addition to the literature spaces, promises the usual perks, but also tweaks some norms.
Entrepreneur, innovator Farook Merchant and his wife Nasima, whose brain child the centre is, say that Gyaan Adab will be accessible to both classes and masses. The centre, which is in process of registering itself as a charitable trust, is at present offering all its services free.
The pet project of Gyaan Adab is the 'mohalla libraries'. Merchant explains, “Our team will fan out in the city and get at least one contact person, preferably a lady in different parts, including the settlement, who will be the monitor of that area. We are going to provide the monitor and other residents she ropes in with a stack of books. Every three months we will provide them with new books. All we hope is to get them to pick up a book and read.”
Gyaan Adab is also open to book worms walk in, borrow books, and spend their day at centre's reading room. There's also space for research students to take down notes or pore over books in a secluded room.
Randhi Khare, who's Honourable Director, Programmes at Gyaan Adab, says there are going to be four calendar events related to literature and art in a month and more impromptu sessions where poets and writer can read out from their books, interact with the audience and seek feedback. There's an art gallery too where artistes can put up their work.

Drop by at Gyaan Adab, Kalyani Nagar from Tuesday to Sunday between 10 am to 7 pm.

Multiply books
Donate your books to Gyaan Adab and also recommend your favourites. The team at Gyaan Adab will be happy to include it in their collection. At present, they have 2,000 books in their library. By year end, they hope to reach the number of 10,000.
Spread the word
At present readers can borrow titles in Marathi, Urdu and English. They plan to spread the written word in more languages.
Read, hear and perform
Upcoming artistes, here's your chance! For a critical feedback, head to Gyaan Adab.
A place for kids
Gyaan Adab will also encourage children to read through activities like drawing, theatre and forming book clubs.

Advisory Committee
Mohini Khot
Satish Khot
Mumtaz Peerbhoy
Dnyanada Naik
Gyaan Adab's windows are open to all influences. It's going to be a dynamic play of words, music and images.
Randhir Khare

This is going to be a apolitical and areligious venture. We want to bring back the spotlight on our rich vernacular history. We don't intend to compete with other literature and art space in the city. Rather, we wish to collaborate.
Farook Merchant

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