Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pleasant shock for Smita

Smita Tambe had a pleasant shock one day prior to the shooting of Dhoosar. An actress, who was supposed to play the character role, suddenly found herself shooting for the lead role!
It was too good to be true. But IT'S TRUE and I am really thankful to Amol Palekar because Dhoosar is my first picture as a leading actor,” exults Smita.
As per the original casting plan, Smita was supposed to play the role of Karla (now played by Amruta Khanvilkar) while Mugdha Godse was to perform the role of Suniti, daughter to Reema Lagoo's Suhasini. But after the first script reading session, Smita got a call from Palekar that she is going to play Suniti.
Smita, who has earlier worked in Jogwa, says, “My role in the film is of a reactionary response. My mother has Alzheimer and I respond/react to it. I didn't study or read about Alzheimer because in the movie I am supposed to be clueless about what the disease is.”
Smita adds that acting in the film wasn't very tough because Palekar had a very clear vision about Suniti and how she was supposed to behave – eat, walk, talk and speak.
We had the corrected script a month in advance and we also had script reading sessions, discussions so we knew what lay in store. There was no confusion, no last-minute changes. Perhaps that resulted in our comfort level as actors,” she says.
Since the movie revolves around the mother-daughter it was essential that I shared a good relationship with my screen mother. I am very thankful to Reema tai who treated me like her daughter from the very first day.
Smita, who believes in playing meaty characters, already has her first Hindi movie lined up.
I am acting in Jaane Tu Ne Kya Kahi, my first Hindi film. I have also signed another Hindi film. It's a big-budget one, but I can't reveal the details,” she grins.
So will Hindi cinema be her first preference from now?
“Language is no barrier, only roles matter,” concludes Smita.

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