Friday, January 17, 2014

Game for it!

This is one of the first few short stories that I have written for a children's weekly. Feedback, please!

Game for it!

Sharada dragged herself unwillingly from the classroom. She wasn't ready to face anyone; least of all, herself. 'I'm a failure'...the words drummed up in her ears, soon reaching a crescendo. Sharada's face had gone red and her eyes shone with tears, slowly trickling down her face.
When she reached home, she quickly dashed to her room. The small sprint had her huffing and puffing and reminded her of the dismal performance on the school ground. Sharada was not good at sports, but she wasn't mocked on the field either. But, that day she was BAD.
She had finished last in the 400 mt sprint and her long jump...well, let's not even talk about it. Sharada knew the reason, but wasn't willing to accept that her weight had played the spoil sport.
Somehow, from the beginning of this academic year, Sharada grew big. Put it down to her summer quota of hogging chips and not even lifting her finger to swat the flies. Her parents, especially her father, was keeping a strict eye on her. Sharada knew his plans for her and was determined to foil them.
But, she hadn't reckoned with the results of the sports week being e-mailed to parents and so two days later, Sharada was huffing and puffing while trying to keep pace with her father's jog. Sharada's father was a complete outdoor person. He refused to listen to Sharada's pleas that the sports week, physical examination test was over for the year.
“We will prepare for the next year, and the year after that,” he had told Sharada.
And, so every day, Sharada was either jogging or going on a brisk walk. In the evening, she was forced to play ring and badminton or cycle with friends. On week-ends, Sharada was climbing the hillocks, and picnicking under a shady tree.
A month passed and Sharada's groans and moans had considerably lessened. In fact she was able to keep pace with her father while jogging and walking. She presented a picture of healthy glow and cheery happiness.
After her annual exams finished, she surprised everyone, including herself, by signing up for a trek in the Sahyadris. Her excitement to learn and the exercise routine ensured that Sharada didn't lag and chose misery for her company.
When Sharada came back home, she suggested that her father could start a club. A club for her friends who could take up some sport or outdoor activity. Guess what was her father's reaction? He was game for it!

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